Innovative companies take advantage of Jaduka's technology and services to enhance user experience and improve business processes resulting in greater customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Jaduka's Web services API makes adding the benefits of voice communication to enterprise applications as easy as constructing a mash-up.

"One of the single hottest mashup tools in the industry, bar none - an API to the PSTN. Want telephony services but don't want to write call handling code or roll your own services? Use Jaduka!"

Achieving Agility Through
Communication-Enabled Business Processes
Gartner - 2006

Global Coverage Jaduka lets developers integrate virtually any Web application with the global public switched telephone network (PSTN) - over 120 telecommunications companies worldwide, including the leading tier-one carriers. We've spent the last decade building and refining a proven, carrier-grade switching and services platform - so you don't have to!

SOA-based Infrastructure While other technologies claim operating system compatibility, Jaduka is completely OS independent. With Jaduka's Web services API, there is no client-side software to worry about, no bandwidth to compete for, and no special hardware to purchase.

Highest Quality Managed by our parent company, NetworkIP®, Jaduka's telecommunications platform delivers the highest level of call completion, consistently better call quality, and more satisfied customers - every time, all the time.

Your applications will immediately benefit from NetworkIP's TDM-grade quality and iQTechnology®: an exclusive, patented tool that monitors and analyzes every call and, in real-time, automatically removes carrier routes that do not meet strict quality standards.

Proven, Scalable Platform Jaduka stands ready with the capacity you need - today. The existing platform manages over a billion end-user accounts with over 20 million transactions per day. The network capacity is capable of handling over 15 billion call minutes per year - more than enough for practically anything you can dream up